Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Portfolio Week 01

A lot of the artwork on my blog will tend to be unseen work, pitches that were never used or personal work. But I thought I should at least post some of my 'bread and butter' stuff as a kind of mini illustration portfolio, so you can just search the label marked portfolio and get access to mine!

This first selection comprises a few general illustration pieces, concerning food additives, voicemail and the life of a phone book


Jonathan Edwards said...

It's a pleasure to see all this archive stuff. The second one is Computer Shopper, isn't it? Keep it coming, Conlan.

Craig Conlan said...

Thanks, Jonathan.

This lot were all Computer Shopper, I liked working for them, but that particular art editor left. Same old story! I'm emptying my hard drive onto this blog bit by bit, so there's quite a bit more commercial art to come...