Monday, March 17, 2008

It's Vulgar But I Did It Anyway

A while back, I was asked to pitch ideas and sketches for a proposed TV sketch show. Needless to say, it was unpaid and remains uncommisioned. This was one idea- the "Sorry mate!" guy. If you're a guy in Britain, every other guy calls you mate. If they are in your way going through a doorway, accidently standing on your toe, or heaven forbid, spilling your pint, a quick "Sorry mate!" usually irons everything out. It's some kind of unspoken ettiquette in public to avoid bar brawls etc. I suppose in the States they'd say "dude" instead. So I thought you could apply this to some slob in ever-increasing awful situations, where no matter how vile his actions were, he always apologised and got away with it. Anyway, it's a very British-English, even-idea, and I probably haven't explained it veRy well, but that's A bit of context for this this revolting scene. And of course, if you see somebody else use it, you saw it here first!

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