Wednesday, February 25, 2009

DC Super Freaks

I enjoy Batman and his chums as much as the next geek, but it's the really freaky characters in the DC Comics Universe that I'm the most drawn to. This was done for a proposed DC appreciation zine from the Staff at Gosh! many years ago after contributing to a similar Marvel one. I created this and a few Black and White pieces. I did actually give them to Mike Carlin at a UK Con, hoping to score some work on Bizarro Comics Vol 2, but to no avail. There's never any avail!


paulhd said...

Hey, I did some pin ups for the marvel zine. Small world.
I'd so buy Superfreaks in a heartbeat!

Craig Conlan said...

Thanks Paul! It is a small world. That was a great little zine. It's a shame they never did the DC one. I'll try and dig out the other DC bits I did soon.